About using Fozium Analytics

Basic Information About Using Fozium Analytics

Our service is based on WSDL (Web Services Description Language).
It allows implementing the Fozium Analytics functions into an application for every platform. One of the principle performance criteria is internet access when addressing Fozium Analytics services.

1. The developer integrates their application to work with the Fozium Analytics service and then creates an installation package;
2. The installation package is distributed to the user;
3. The application is installed on the end users platform;
4. When the application starts, Fozium Analytics reports the launch of the product and continuously transmits data;
5. Data is collected by obtaining information from all products;
6. As a developer you can access your account and analyze the real-time accumulated data at any time.

After the registration on the portal you can enter the applications on which you plan to collect statistics.