Why Fozium Analytics?

Fozium Analytics is a tool to analyze your software utilization and calculate the efficiency at which it is distributed. With the help of Fozium Analytics you can find out how many copies of your software or application are used worldwide, what version is popular with customers, how long a single user works with your software and much more. Check out some of the features below.

Informed Decision Making

Fozium Analytics allow you to understand and make better-informed decisions in marketing, client relationships and future software development. Whether it is a desktop application or iPhone app, software analytics’ simple to use dashboard lets you see the most important data with a single glance. See how many you sold in the last few days or years, upgrades, functions and versions used and much more.


Integrating Fozium Analytics with your program takes minutes and with the simple to use interface there is no need to read any manuals or in depth instructions. With multiple how to use FAQs on our website and a support staff readily available to assist you with any issues you can have Fozium Analytics up and running almost instantly.

Use on any Platform

Use Fozium Analytics functionality on any platform that can work with the internet including tablets, mobile devices, PCs and more! Track your statistics with real-time data on current marketing plans and distribution efficiency from anywhere. The utilization of your software or application is essential for you as a developer to know without having the time consuming task of gathering all the information from other sources. With Fozium Analytics it is all compiled for you.

Export Results

Export results to PDF, XLS or CVS and always keep your data in a convenient format for you to analyze. Developing multiple software applications creates a need to see the return on investment in comparison to one another and our data filters and dashboard allows you to do that in one convenient location.

Expert Tools

Fozium Analytics allows you to use tools such as monitoring when a user opens and closes their software as well as what functions are used more than others. Fozium Analytics offers other filters such as languages used, updates installed, and feedback on errors. All of these filters are the essential tools for you as a developer to make informed decisions on building and maintaining your current and future client relationships.

Effective Visuals

Service returns the version number used and allows you to send an application update notification to the user for the new version. Fozium Analytics does not only do this but allows you to easily see reports such as in which country your software or application does best and what features are used most. By analyzing your marketing efforts with this data you can create effective solution updates and programs.

Customer Feedback

Listening to what your customers and users say about your software and applications is essential. Whether it is a bug you never noticed, a brand new suggestion/idea, or an error report our customer feedback feature allows you to filter, group and analyze all of these in one simple to use interface. Fozium Analytics wants you to know what your clients want before the next one signs up.