Fozium Analytics is a tool to analyze your software or application utilization regardless of whether it is developed for the web, desktop, tablet or mobile and calculate the efficiency at which it is distributed

Storage in Cloud
Access from anywhere

All of the data collected by Fozium Analytics is stored in Microsoft Azure. This allows high functionality and accessibility from anywhere in the world and gives us the opportunity to provide you with the highest level of service.

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Universal Use
Works on all Operating Systems

Fozium Analytics uses WSDL (Web Services Description Language) for the transfer of data. This feature allows you to deploy Fozium Analytics software from any platform including mobile devices and tablets.

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Unlimited Usage
Conduct business without barriers

Fozium Analytics allows you to use it with an unlimited number of programs, storage time, and service calls at an affordable price with results that pay for themselves.

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Universal Reports
Use a multitude of filters

Filtering your program or application data and keeping it in a convenient format is important. If you need a report that is not in your account you can always ask us to add the type you would like here.
With intuitive visuals and graphics you can uncover utilization trends, realize your user’s preferences, adjust parameters and find out statistics for your software with Fozium Analytics

SSL Usage
Enhanced encryption

Fozium Analytics protects the security of your communication and reports with SSL certificates.
Your software and application analytics being safeguarded is important to us.

Client Connection
User feedback is important

Fozium Analytics allows the user to connect back with any complaints, fixes or comments and gives you, the developer, the chance to group and control the comments while connecting back with your clients.

Available on Multiple Platforms